Year 6

Mrs R. Walton – Year 6 Teacher and Deputy Headteacher

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to the Year Six homepage! On this page you can find out what we are learning and see photos of events, trips and activities. If you would like more in-depth details of our subject coverage, please view our Curriculum section or pop in for a chat.

Year 6 has two main aims – to prepare children for the transition to secondary school so that they are confident and eager to begin, and to support the children through their SATs tests in a way that reduces anxiety to a minimum and helps them to be ready to show off their fantastic skills.

In Year 6 the teaching and learning style becomes more like KS3 – we don’t sit on the carpet, we have high expectations of independence, and greater emphasis is on the children to contribute to their own learning. Of course, they are still given as much support as they need. The teaching assistants who work in Year 6 are Mrs Saint, Mrs Stapleton and Miss English.

Year 6 also includes our residential visit to Robinwood – one of the highlights of the year!

It is a point of pride for us that children leave Parochial absolutely ready for the KS3 curriculum and the challenges that transition has to offer. However, we do love that they like to come back and visit!

If you have any questions or would like to chat about a worry, feel free to catch me any time or ring for an appointment.

Mrs Walton


October is Black History Month

  .In Year 6 we have been studying a little bit about the history of Black people in the USA. We have looked at the segregation laws, known as Jim Crow laws, and thought about the way that this must have made black people feel. We have used our map skills to find out...

Year 6 explore Shakespeare’s World

 In Year 6 this half term we have been exploring the life of William Shakespeare. We have learned about Tudor England and created time travellers guides warning readers about the dangers they might face. Lots of our independent brain builder work has centred around...

Year 6 Electronics with Emmanuel

Year 6 have begun our participation in a programme of Electronics lessons with Mr Peterson, a teacher from Emmanuel College. He and a technician from the college led a fabulous first session for us on Tuesday. We are told that we will eventually be making moving,...

Year 7s

Hello Year 7! I hope you are enjoying your new school and showing off how fantastic you all are! As promised, you can collect your Year 6 books from my classroom. Some of you have already been in, but I still have lots of books left. They will be available after...

Welcome to Year 6 2012/13!

This term in Year 6 we will be working on the topic “Shakespeare’s World”. The children will find out more about the man himself, the world he lived in and, of course, his many plays. We will get to know the play “Romeo and Juliet” in depth and will be putting on a...

Dragon Days

Year 6 have been enjoying the freedom from SATs with some dragon themed activities! We began with a forest schools challenge creating mystery nests for different beings (you probably guessed one of them was for a dragon!). We then went on to be lucky enough to...

Dancing Queen

Many of you will know that we have our very own Irish Dancing star in Year 6. Emily Thornber has competed in Irish Dancing since she was small and has always performed brilliantly. This Easter Emily and the rest of her under 13 team went to Belfast to compete in the...

SATs timetable and info

Hello Year 6 Just a bit of information for SATs week. Firstly, the timetable: All of our tests will begin as soon as possible in the first session of the morning with the exception of the mental maths test, which will be after break on Wednesday. Monday: Reading test...

Stella Artois gets wet!

During our Kensuke's Kingdom topic we made some mini shelters for Stella, the main character's dog, who was stranded on a desert island with him. We used natural materials and tried to make the shelters waterproof. We learned lots about shelter building and knot tying...

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