Year 5

Mrs J. Beasley – Year Five Teacher
Mrs Beasley

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5’s area where you can find out what the children will be learning each term. You will also be able to read about the activities and off site activities they have been involved in.

Year 5 is a busy year at school and is your child’s first year in the upper Key Stage 2 curriculum which lays the foundations of their learning in Year 6. The children are encouraged to become even more independent and responsible for their own learning.

The teaching assistants who support Year 5 are Mrs English and Mrs Stapleton.

I hope children will find their time in Year 5 inspiring and enjoyable

Mrs Beasley


To find out more click on the link to view the overview for the Autumn term



Y5 put on a spectacular show!

Year 5 presented their end of year class assembly today. It was an exciting production of drama and music telling the Legend of Callipateira. Mrs Latham was very proud of all the children. The cast and hero, Peisirodus! Read on... The play is set in Greece at the...

Y5 become engineers!

During Bridge Week Year 5 were set the challenge of designing a model bridge for Farmer Giles. He had bought a new field on the other side of a river to his farm and needed a bridge to allow the sheep to get to the field to graze. The model had to be 20cm wide, 10cm...

Summer term in Year 5

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the Easter holiday with all that lovely weather. Here is some information for those who'd like to know what we will be learning in Y5 this term. In Literacy we identify the characteristic features of persuasive writing, we study The...

New experiences for Year 5

On Thursday Year 5 had a busy day out. In the morning we went to the Shipley Art Gallery to look at and create containers using recycled materials. These containers are made from cereal boxes and supermarket carrier bags! We cut a carrier bag into one long strip and...

Spring Term in Y5 (2nd half)

Thank you to all the children who took part in Year 5's Music and Dance Talent Show and congratulations to Abbie and Emily T who received most votes for their performance. In the half term leading up to Easter we continue to learn about the Ancient Greeks including...

Spring Term in Y5 (1st half)

Happy New Year and welcome back! In the first half term of 2011, History lessons in Year 5 look at how people lived in the ancient Greek empire. Greek objects loaned from the Discovery Museum will be available to handle. Just as last term, Mrs Wallis will teach...

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