Year 4

Mrs H. Dillon – Year Four Teacher (Mon – Thurs), Mrs S. Hodgson (Fri)

Welcome to Year Four!

It is going to be an exciting year with lots of opportunities ahead.

We would like to keep you informed of some of our activities through our class page.

We hope you will take a look at our lovely website regularly and leave some comments too!
In Year Four we work hard, respect one another and challenge ourselves every day!




Yr 4 Have a Roman Experience

As part of our 'This is my area' topic year 4 have been looking at the Roman invasion. We took a trip up to Hadrian's wall and had a fantastic time listening and talking to the archaeologist as well as taking part in a Roman classroom...

Welcome to Yr 4!

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely summer. In Year 4 this term we will be having a busy time. Our main topic for the whole of this term is 'The Land of the Pharaohs'. Through this we will be looking at how the Ancient Egyptians lived, the gift of the Nile,...

Persuasive Year 4

After a week of designing and making new products the day of the 'Big Launch' finally arrived. Following15 fantastic presentaions and advertising campaigns a winner was chosen. Well done to Jack and Andrew with their 'Giant Gum' and a big well done to the rest of year...

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