Curriculum Information

Please contact us should you require further information or if you would like to discuss the curriculum followed at our school.

In September 2014 we introduced the government’s new curriculum to our school. The curriculum offers a ‘slimmed down’ programme of study for us to deliver to the children as a minimum requirement.

This means that we now (as we always have) deliver a ‘curriculum plus’, meaning that we provide children with the skills and experiences laid out in the statutory document and also with additional skills and experiences which we feel are vital to support children and prepare them on their way to adulthood.

Staff and other stakeholders discussed and agreed upon some ‘drivers’ for our new curriculum. We decided that we wanted our children to have and live by Christian values. We wanted them to know their place in the world and contribute to it. We knew that, in this digital age, we needed them to be fantastic communicators. Finally, we decided that the children would need to be problem solvers.  These values and decisions are the driving force behind our teaching and all of our interactions with the children. We see these aspects of the curriculum as something we nurture through lessons but also throughout the whole school day. You can read about our drivers in more details in this document: Curriculum Drivers

You can see which parts of the new curriculum are taught in each year group in our curriculum maps. You will notice that they include R.E., which is taught from the Gateshead Local Authority approved scheme of work.


Curriculum Maps and Overview


Subject Overviews and Progression Documents

Long Term Plan for Art                                                 Progression in Skills Art

Long Term Plan for Computing                                  Progression in Skills Computing

Long Term Plan for Design and Technology            Progression in Skills DT

Long Term Plan for Geography                                   Progression in Skills Geography

Long Term Plan for History                                         Progression in Skills History

Long Term Plan for MFL                                               In Progress

Long Term Plan for Science                                         Progression in Skills Science            

Long Term Plan for R.E.                                               Progression in Skills RE

Long Term Plan for Music                                           Progression in Skills Music

The P.E. long term plan varies according to the availability of coaches and our participation in intra schools competitions.                                                   Progression in Skills PE

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