Collective Worship

Collective worship is a very important part of our day at Whickham Parochial. Assemblies happen in the main hall four days each week, with an additional assembly delivered and shared in each classroom. We also consider the prayers that are said at the beginning and end of each day to be a way to join together to reflect on the way we approach and understand our school experience.

This year we are focusing on developing our school’s Christian Values. In assemblies we are going to touch on each of these values over the term and then focus in greater depth on just five or six of the values that we most want to cultivate in ourselves and our school community. We will let you know via social media which value our assembly is focusing on each week. 

Our assemblies will also have a topical theme that links to our Christian approach to an event (such as Remembrance Day or Black History Month)  or to an issue (such as anti-bullying, or our tolerance and respect for differences).  We will let you know about this on social media.

In addition to our school assemblies, Father Barry from St Mary’s in Whickham also leads Eucharist once each term. This is a lovely opportunity for members of the church community to come together in our school for a service. Should you wish to join us, please check the calendar on this site as we will update it as soon as services are arranged.

You can view the Autumn term’s assembly themes below.

Autumn Assembly Themes

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