Assessment without Levels

As of September 2014 the government has told us that the system of assessment using levels is no longer statutory.

Schools have been asked to “develop their own, more accurate assessment systems that truly show how a child is performing in the classroom.”

In order to accomplish this, our school will be using a system which we have developed, which we refer to as our Assessment Trackers. Our trackers are very closely matched to the 2014 National Curriculum and are used to help us to make judgements about how well each child is meeting the new (2014) year group expectations, and to what extent they are fluent and confident in the related skills. In order to teach for mastery, we are encouraging staff to look for a considerable proportion of each year group’s key indicators to be fluently applied before the child can considered to be within the next year group’s expectations.

The documents provide clear, incremental steps through the progress to be made in each area of Maths, Writing and Reading. However, children’s progress is rarely as neat and incremental as this, therefore the documents are used in school to assess what is known, find gaps in learning and set next steps for learning.

Bearing this in mind, we felt that it would still be interesting for you to see what is considered ‘expected attainment’ in each year group.

Please feel free to download the documents below and if there is anything you would like to ask, contact your child’s teacher or Mrs Walton (assessment leader). If you would like to look at our assessment policy, this can be found under the School Office menu, under our Document Bank.

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