Aims and Mission Statement

Through a partnership between home, church and school we provide a stimulating and caring environment in which to develop the whole child, preparing them for life.

At Whickham Parochial we believe that every child is entitled to enjoy their childhood, celebrate their individuality and reach their full potential.  We aim to do this through:

  • Creating a caring school family living by Christian values.
  • Celebrating everyone’s strengths and efforts no matter how small.
  • Valuing the opportunities we have to contribute to our community and the wider world.
  • Offering wide ranging quality experiences that stimulate children’s minds.
  • Encouraging respect for others, positive behaviour and good manners.
  • Building strong links between school, home and church.
  • Preparing children for future challenges in a changing world

We wish every child to take with them happy memories of Whickham Parochial into their future life.

aims and values
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