This half term Year 3 pupils have been looking at the sculptures of Anthony Goldsworthy, so to finish off, they had an exciting morning learning about one of the most famous sculptures in the North East, the Angel of the North.  First they visited the Angel and sketched it from different angles. Its wingspan is almost that of a jumbo jet and it is the height of four double decker buses. No surprise that it is believed to be the largest angel sculpture in the world!



Different angles

After sketching the Angel, Year 3 went to the Shipley Art Gallery to take part in an Angel of the North workshop. Their visit was led by Morgan who showed them a maquette made from plaster and wood by Antony Gormley, which was used to test out his ideas:


The children had lots of fun doing several activities including drawing the Angel in different ways…

working together to make sculptures of local buildings using their bodies…

Body sculptures

and creating a model of the Angel that would stand up using only card, tape and straws.

 Group 2 Group 3

Next time you drive by the Angel, stop and take a walk around it – it’ll be an experience you won’t forget!

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