A big Well Done to Year 5 pupils for their fabulous performances in the end of year class assembly which had as its theme, the festival of Diwali. Much hard work went into learning lines, preparing dances, practising songs and devising actions for them, as well as obtaining costumes. Not only that, the children created eye catching posters to advertise the assembly and they made informative programmes for parents. Mrs Latham felt immensely proud of her class!


Children introduce the festival of Diwali.


Two groups perform their own Diwali dances.

Dance 1 Dance 2

The evil Queen introduces herself!

The Queen

Song 1: Shoop be dooby do wah

Song 1a Song 1b

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Take care when Ravana is about!


Sita requests a pet deer. Little does she know…

Hanuman to the rescue!


Song 2: It’s Diwali

Song 2

Rosie closes the assembly by explaining the symbolism of the Diwali lamps.

The end

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