Today KS2 children had the privilege of meeting the fastest British female from this year’s London Marathon but that’s not all… she is a member of the British athletics team flying out to compete at the Rio Olympics this summer. What’s more, she is from the North East!  Aly talked to the children about how she started running and interestingly, she didn’t win races when she was at school. In fact her journey to stardom has been a long one – it has taken until the age of 37 to achieve her dream of competing at the Olympics. 


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The theme that came out very strongly from Aly’s visit has direct links with the Growth Mindset attitude: if you want to achieve something you need to try your best and keep on trying, even when you experience feelings of failure. Aly told the children about times when she felt she had failed, but she never gave up and became even more determined to keep on trying. She evidently succeeded!

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