As part of our school’s 300 year anniversary celebrations we have been exploring the school log books from the Victorian era. They provide an intriguing insight into children’s educational experiences during the reign of Queen Victoria.

In this extract from 1867 can you identify the reward for good behaviour?Postcard reward

Year 5 pupils discovered many interesting reasons why children might be prevented from attending school:


 Many children away from school gathering blackberries this week. (Oct 1867)


  A great deal of illness still prevails amongst children and their families, mostly smallpox. (Jan 1872)


 Attendance still small owing to bad weather and the prevalence of measles. (Mar 1876)

Whooping cough

 Very poor attendance – caused by whooping cough. Three boys are unable to attend school owing to want of shoes. (Sep 1886)

Food and clothing

Many children are prevented from attending school owing to the want of food and clothing. (Jan 1887)


Monday and Tuesday holiday on account of the Hopping at Whickham. (May 1893)

If you wish to view our fascinating Victorian logbooks, visit the Archives at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.

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