Hello Year 6

Just a bit of information for SATs week. Firstly, the timetable:

All of our tests will begin as soon as possible in the first session of the morning with the exception of the mental maths test, which will be after break on Wednesday.

  • Monday: Reading test
  • Tuesday: Writing test
  • Wedesday: Maths Paper A, then Mental Maths after break
  • Thursday: Maths Paper B

You can take drinks into the hall with you, as it’s important to stay hydrated, but I would prefer it to be water, as we don’t want your teeth to fall out! You can also take a lucky charm into the test as long as it isn’t big, distracting, or a calculator!  Remember to get a good night’s sleep tonight and try not to worry, I’ve been going through old tests again today and I can’t see anything you wouldn’t all be able to have a go at.

Keep calm and just enjoy showing off how brilliant you are.

Mrs Walton

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